Frank MacKay
"What They Say"

Rock and Roll (2005)

"Frank MacKay is just plain dynamite as the lead singer Donny Parker, with his energy and powerhouse voice. He has a wonderful quiet moment with a monologue and song about his parents that is a perfect example of the depth mature actors bring to these roles."
- Connie Meng - North Country Public Radio, New York State

"MacKay obviously understands the character of Parker as well as anyone, and has the pipes and acting credibility to back it up onstage." - Bruce Deachman - The Ottawa Citizen

Les Miserables

"An immediate standing ovation and a wild roaring cheer for Nova Scotia's Frank MacKay as Jean Valjean swept the Neptune Theatre at the end of Les Miserables on Friday night. Neptune took a big bite out of the apple of the mega-musical and recreated the whole apple on a small stage exploding with talent and the passion of Les Miserables."
- Elissa Barnard - Halifax Mail Star

"Frank MacKay in the role of Jean Valjean has an appealingly driven approach to the character - he looks every inch the persecuted prisoner - which make the ringing tones that emerge when he sings all the more unexpected." - Ray Conlogue - Toronto Globe and Mail

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

"A superb musical drama.... with a first-rate performance by Frank MacKay as the older Elvis Presley.... - Matthew Fraser - Toronto Globe and Mail

"MacKay's portrayal of Elvis Presley is an exercise in dynamics. He doesn't play the king... he is the king." - Doug Gallant - Summer Festival Review


"Stealing every scene he appeared in was Frank MacKay. His resume is Bible-thick with theatre credits. His fiery oratory as the senior Rev. J.D. Blackwell makes Oral Roberts and the real Jimmy Swaggart look like Bible-toting wallflowers. And that singing !!!" - Bernard Pilon - Regina Leader-Post

Stan Rogers - A Matter Of Heart

"There are several moments in this show that will make you want to stand up and cheer, Frank Mackay's window-rattling take on Try Like The Devil." -
Doug Gallant,The Guardian, Charlottetown

". . .a deliciously gravelly rendition of 'Try Like the Devil' sung by Frank MacKay" - Don Mosley - Eye Weekly, Toronto

Roy Orbison: A Legend In His Time

"Roy Orbison is Frank MacKay's play. His strong voice and sensitive acting carried the show." - Peter Fenwick - The Western Star

"MacKay makes Orbison dynamite !" - Donald Gale - The Georgian

Don Messer's Jubilee

"MacKay is blessed with a strong and pleasing voice and a roguish charm, both of which are used to advantage in this role. Where he is most impressive, however, is in one of the play's most difficult but effective pieces, the touching Payday Companions and Fairweather Friends." - Barbara Crook - Ottawa Citizen

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris

"MacKay's Act One finale of "Amsterdam" is a sweeping performance" -
James Rocchi, The Gazette, London, Ontario

"MacKay's tough baritone voice is ideally suited for this type of show, and he slips easily from the powerful Amsterdam and Next, to the humor of Funeral Tango" - Gary Muir, The Expositor

Jesus Christ Superstar

"Frank MacKay effectively conveys Pilate's distaste for the affairs of the Nazarenes and his appalled disdain at their fanaticism." - Stephen Pedersen - Halifax Herald

The Red Row (One Man Show)

"It was wonderfully obvious at the sold-out Sunday night show that MacKay speaks directly to the people of his region." - Elissa Barnard - Halifax Mail Star

"MacKay reveals a depth of talent." - Donald Gale - Stephenville Festival

"The play is a delight and the capacity house enjoyed it immensely, giving it a standing ovation and a curtain call." - Peter Fenwick - The Western Star

"Tremendous Piece!" - Antigonish Casket

The King Of Friday Night - Film DVD

"The cast is first-rate, especially Frank MacKay, who brings depth and great vocals to Parker."
- Variety


Frank MacKay and Janet MacEwen, Jacques Brel - Nationals Arts Centre, 1991
Frank & Janet
Stan Rogers Cast
Frank in Dressing Room, Alderney Landing
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